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Rose Dhu

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A place where life is lived to the fullest


If you're searching for traditional southern Lowcountry living, then Rose Dhu Creek Plantation is your answer. For years the South Carolina Lowcountry has been a magnet for those unique individuals determined to live their lives as they wish.

Perhaps it is the history of Bluffton, 150 years ago the summer retreat for planters and their families, seeking relief from the summer heat along the high bluffs of the beautiful May River. Or perhaps it is the nearby standing oak, known as the Secession Tree, where those gathered to stir up support and lead South Carolina to become the first state to secede from the Union.

Rose Dhu Creek has preserved this historic countryside for all those who come and are united by a common love for the environment. Here people are happiest near the water, the woods, riding or walking the trails, and fishing or boating as they please. A place free from too many rules and too many demands. A rare place where your home site can be more than 5 acres and still within a short drive to the ocean.

Just a short drive from the historic Old Town of Bluffton, along route 46, this private and peaceful lifestyle encompasses all that the Lowcountry has to offer. It is fitting that those who today call Rose Dhu Creek Plantation home share much in common with the people who settled here long ago.

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